Web Design Process

Web Design Process Tampa

The Website Design Process

Depending on the scope of the work being performed Phase 1 to Phase 3 are normally completed in a 30 to 60 day time frame. Phase 4 thru 6 are normally quick but depending on the extent of the client involvement with the content integration and the speed at which they communicate can take anywhere from a few days to months.

Preperation Phase: The Sales Stage

During the sales stage we do the initial consultation and get several examples of websites the client has found to be similar to the way they want their website to look like. Sometimes its the overall look and sometimes its a single element on the web page. Careful attention is paid to these details because these are what help make the beginning phase a success.

Phase 1: Website Mock up

Our development process always starts a single website mock up. On occasion we have made multiple mock ups if the project required it. These mock ups simulate a screen-shot of the website (simply, a graphic showing what the website could look like). The Client would then chose the mock up that fits their needs the best. Once feedback is received mock up revisions would be made until a final mock up is generated that meets the Client’s approval.

Phase 2: Build out

This phase is normally quite short. Here we take the chosen mock up along with any incorporated changes and turn it into a working website. This website normally has very few if any working pages other then the home page and one other page.

Phase 3: Content Integration / CMS Creation & Integration

This phase is where the remaining pages of the website are built and inserted into the CMS. Any other elements that are part of the design such are programmed into the website and the CMS during this phase. Content from the existing website will be converted to the new format / layout during this process and several reviews with the client will be needed.

Phase 4: Review & Testing

We automatically test everything as we go, but in this phase the client will review and test things on their side to ensure the website performed per their specifications.

Phase 5: Final Review & Training

Up until this point all development will have been done on an in-house server. All installations needed on the live web server will need to be performed and completed. LFI will then start the installation of the website onto the live web server. Once the website is installed, a final review will be needed to ensure the website functions as it had on the development server. The website will then need to be implemented and signed off, it will then be taken live.

Phase 6: Go Live

The Client announces it’s new website!