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meJames Brett   Owner
James Brett is the founder of, a Tampa SEO Company. As an almost 20 year veteran within the industry, he got his first taste of the Internet in 1997. At that moment he fell in love with the Internet as a viable arena for conducting business. He can still remember the rush he got in the 80’s when he used his best friend’s Commodore 64. That same fascination has endured over the years and continues with today’s cutting edge technologies. He draws his experience from some of the amazing companies that he has been privileged to be a part of over the years such as Disney, IBM, Innuity Interactive, AbleCommerce,  and Getupdated. He knows from his Internet journey and years of experience that consistent and enduring rankings are only achieved through hard work, persistence, and the ethical implementation of white hat SEO techniques., a Tampa SEO company, is labor of love and a result of his dreams over the last 12 years. All of his SEO clients have top rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN on a pay for performance basis.
Jim has helped countless companies successfully market their products and services online, driving millions of unique visitors to their websites.



  • Billing &Support – Tracy Brett
  • SEO Consultant – Ryan Bauer
  • Web Development & Design- John Cotton
  • Social Media- Karissa Letchworth
  • Sales- Rick Quatraro
  • Internation Sales – John Dugan – Dublin Ireland