SEO Copywriting Tips

SEO Copywriting Tips

The following list of SEO copywriting tips will not only help you write better SEO copy, but if you’re in the market for an SEO company, it will help you determine if they write effective, search engine copy for their clients – and that will help you decide whether to hire them or not!

As we stress here at, SEO copywriting is the “deal closer”. All the traffic in the world won’t help your business if your website copy isn’t capable of making the sale or generating a lead.

So let’s look at some of the top SEO copywriting tips used by our team of writers to increase website rankings, traffic, and ultimately conversions.

Seven Top SEO Copywriting Tips:

  1.  As well as using software to measure keyword density within a page of copy, our writers also use the human touch to determine how many repetitions of a given phrase make sense from a reader’s perspective. Using too many repetitions in the wrong places amounts to keyword stuffing.
  2. They remember to write the top keyword phrase into the title tag, the main heading, and throughout the body copy.
  3. They do a second pass and look for creative ways to optimize the copy with as many search terms as make sense. For example, they might add optimized subheadings that improve readability and clarify the message.
  4. They don’t dilute the copy by using too many different keyword phrases. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three or four unique phrases per 300 word page (less for shorter pages, more for longer ones).
  5. When faced with a long keyword phrase, they sometimes use punctuation to separate parts of the phrase. Search engines don’t recognize commas, periods, dashes, etc.
  6. They try to avoid using deliberately misspelled words; it’s considered an SEO trick and it just looks silly to readers.
  7. They always create new content pages that have meaning and relevance to site visitors, not just to accommodate the chosen keywords.

Professional SEO copywriting is crucial to online business because of its ability to persuade visitors to action with word selection. Google and the other engines have become very good at mimicking human user behavior. So the more your SEO copywriting pleases your visitors, the more it will please the search engines.

Knowing where and how many keyword phrases to use is just part of the equation. To work well, web copy has to prompt action too. And that’s the most important of all the SEO copywriting tips practiced by our team of writers.

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