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Organic Search Engine Optimization Campaign

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SEO Overview

At Clickexplosions, we seek to attract targeted traffic to your site by ranking for keywords that stand the best chance of converting. There are three main pillars that support the foundation of SEO, which are code, content, and link popularity. When it comes to ranking well in the search engines, it is simply a game of understanding. First of all, your site must be spider friendly in allowing the engines to crawl your site. Secondly, the search engines will attempt to understand what you are about by sifting through the content of your site. Last but not least, your site’s relevancy will be judged by who you are linked to. We optimize each of these elements to produce the maximum visibility for your site.

Organic Optimization vs. PPC

What is the difference between SEO & PPC?

It’s a question most, if not all; businesses will eventually have to ask themselves in the course of developing their Internet marketing strategies.  Which alternative offers the best return on investment?  Which one is more easily managed?

Generally speaking, organic SEO consists of optimizing your web pages to enhance their position in the naturally occurring search results.  Asking what goes into organic SEO is a lot like asking what goes into a Twinkie.  You start with sorbic acid, which derives from natural gas. Ok really organic SEO consists of making sure the search engine spiders can crawl and understand what is on your web pages.  Once they understand it, you need to make them like it more than all the other web pages with the same/similar information.

Our SEO Process

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There are several key elements to setting up a successful search engine optimization strategy:

Step 1: Website Analysis
Step 2: Keyword Research
Step 3: On-page Optimization
Step 4: Content Analysis
Step 5: Link Popularity Analysis
Step 6: Quarterly Keyword Review
Based on years of experience in developing websites, managing traffic, and studying the best practices in search engine optimization, we’ve designed our SEO process. These steps make website stand out, draw traffic, and work hard for your business.


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