Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization


Where is the majority of your business conducted?

Locally, regionally, or perhaps nationally. If your answer is locally, then your site is a prime candidate for local search optimization.

What is local search engine optimization?

Geotargeted search has become a buzzword in the industry because of the increased participation in search by local merchants seeking to increase their visibility on a local level.
Local search optimization is critical for smaller business seeking to attract customer within their concentric circle of operation. Local SEO results differ from national search engine results. Optimization for keywords that are unattainable on a national level can often be realistically achievable within the local search engines such as Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Windows Live Local.
This is where the little guy can truly feel the power of search, experiencing higher visibility, and higher levels of qualified traffic. Clickexplosions can help your business experience geotargeted rankings through our local search optimization campaign.

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