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What should your Internet advertisements look like? What message will be most effective? At what websites can your target group be found and how can you reach your target group in a cost-efficient manner?
Clickexplosions  is a banner advertising company. Our banner advertising company works creatively with customers to create profit-generating banner advertising campaigns. We study the effectiveness of your company’s message in your marketing plans as well as strategizing to improve your scope, reach, and impact. We want to act as a partner for your company to take its banner advertising to the next level.
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What is a Banner Network?

Banner Networks are used by Clickexplosions to create  a banner advertising campaign online for our clients that pairs a wide array of international companies with publishers, allowing the advertisements of those companies to be viewed across multiple channels.   Through the use of its global banner advertising online ad-serving technology and Publishing Partners, the effectiveness of Clickexplosions’  Banner Networks can be measured by its reach of tens of millions of users  monthly, with over nine billion impressions served worldwide.

How can Clickexplosions improve the effectiveness of marketing?

Begin by contacting one of our consultants about a banner advertising campaign online and provide the requested data necessary to develop your marketing strategy and campaign.   Some of the options your Clickexplosions consultant can provide you for the preparation of that campaign are as follows:
Country Targeted through IP addresses– Our expansive reach across Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, The Pacific, and Latin America provides targeted ads to web users from the country you select.
Run of Network or Selected Channels – Through Clickexplosison’s Banner Network, advertisers can increase their reach to an immense audience quickly  or they can strategically target advertising through selected channels.
CPM or CPC Based Pricing – Whether you decide to pay for exposures or per click, Clickexplosions provides a cost-effective solution to ensure that your message reaches its target audience.
Reporting and Campaign Optimization – Comprehensive reporting allows banner advertisers, with complete transparency, to evaluate their campaign as it runs.  Reports include statistical information on impressions, clicks and click through rates. Clickexplosions’ system automatically optimizes your campaign to provide you with unequalled, measurable results.
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